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The Pandora Mushroom is a Key Item in Xenoblade Chronicles. Obtaining it is one of the objectives of With Much Gratitude. It can be found in the Windy Cave on Bionis’ Leg. The Pandora Mushroom is guarded by the Mysterious Barnaby, who is level 75, and Pandora Pods that hatch level 80 Envy Gogols. It is possible to obtain the Pandora Mushroom without fighting the Mysterious Barnaby by walking slowly in its vicinity. Step into your own world of fantasy and fairy tale with this sterling silver mushroom charm that is simply waiting for fantastic adventures and magical secrets. Featuring a heart-shaped wooden door, could it be a prince disguised as a frog with a crown sitting on top of the mushroom? Discover your own fairy tale story with this unique charm inspired by magical creatures in an autumnal forest filled with hidden gems and secrets. Shaped by all the things that make you, you, our imaginative charms are made with the planet in mind, from responsibly sourced materials and recycled precious metals. Mixing traditional techniques with modern skills, our accomplished craftspeople weave a story into each design, leaving you to bring it to life.

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$100.00$525.00 (-9%)

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