Milk Spence Mushroom

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Mushroom Milk is a delicious blend of dehydrated organic coconut milk and 6 medicinal mushroom extract powders (chaga and reishi dual extract, lions mane, maitake, cordyceps, and turkey tail) is a creamy, nourishing instant beverage with immune and adaptogenic support. Lactarius contains edible, inedible, and poisonous species. The most popular edible milk mushrooms are L. volemus and the Candy Caps (FFF#123). … As with the russulas, poisonous species of Lactarius primarily cause gastrointestinal distress. In Germany it is regarded by some as the best of all edible fungi. In china it is gathered and eaten on a large scale, and it is one of the officially recognised edible species sold in French markets. Always found growing under conifers, it is often buried by pine needles. ibetan mushroom (TM) is a fermented beverage composed by a dozen of bacteria and yeasts living together into polysaccharide grains secreted by them. … The experiments used TM suspensions after 24h fermentation and TM grains mechanically disintegrated. The common and eponymous feature of their fruitbodies is the latex (“milk“) they exude when cut or bruised. Mushrooms with typical milkcap characteristics are said to have a lactarioid habit. Some of them are edible. … Lactarius holds most of the milkcaps known from the Northern hemisphere.

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Milk Spence Mushroom

$80.00$480.00 (-11%)

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